Friday, August 26, 2011

Got Your Back

I saw this on Pinterest the other day and now it's a running joke with my sister ;)

I've been reading through Nehemiah this week.   It's currently one of my favorite Old Testament books......

So, yesterday Nehemiah 4 just struck me.

They had begun to rebuild Jerusalem's wall, God had moved major obstacles for them even to begin the project of refortifying their city......and everything went great until they were halfway done.

Isn't that how it always goes?!?  You have excitement, momentum and then Wham-O!

The opposition kicked in---What do these Jews think that they're doing?  Look at this they think that they can build the wall overnight?  Ha, if a fox climbed on this pathetic wall, it would crumble!!!!

Did Nehemiah yell back "Oh Yeah?!?  Well we're rubber, you're glue...everything bounces off of us and sticks to you!"? stopped and prayed to God for vindication.

When their enemies heard that it was going so well rebuilding the wall, they put their heads together, creating as much trouble as they possibly could....the people got tired, leaders got discouraged...their morale was crumbling worse than the wall!

They countered with Prayer and round the clock guards. 

It's like a volleyball game....the enemy attacks, God's team bumps it back.....dig...set...Spike!   Life's just like that...a constant back and forth...offense and defense...and sometimes the Devil tosses in an extra ball or two to keep you on your feet.

When the attack got heavy, Nehemiah stationed guards behind the workers:  Don't be afraid of them--Put your minds on the Lord and fight for your families and your homes!   Half the men worked while half stood guard and then at night, everyone stood guard.   They didn't even change their clothes!

We're talking some serious man power....everyone chipping in....everyone taking a claim to the fight!

This really inspired me.   We are all in this war.   Everyone has a battle raging somewhere.   Imagine the progress we'd make if we all chipped in and had each other's backs?!?

I have been so blessed by countless friends coming up and standing with me in some crazy battles....but some people aren't so lucky....they're positioned  a bit farther down the wall, or maybe at a weak point....we need to Rally!

Don't stop, Keep encouraging each other, Pray Pray Pray, Fight Fight Fight!

As a friend said in an earlier comment, Satan is just a punk...and we have the Best Head Coach Ever!!!!!   He knows all the plays.  We know who wins!   There is nothing too big or too far gone that He cannot save!

So, do you need some backup?   A prayer, a hug, encouragement to just keep on keepin' on?   

I've got your back!  Just let me know :)

(and there's plenty of Nehemiah to come...seriously loving this book....God is just speaking fresh life through it to my heart!)


Lori said...

You can have my back, really you can, literally! :)

gottaluvboyz said...

Wow, what a powerful and supportive post...loved it! I am thankful for so many in my life who love me and my family and support us, but most of all God. BTW, the "bitties" are not so happy about the big boys being gone. The dynamics in the family have changed and frankly I didn't realize how much R and H don't get along. Fingers crossed that will change when they have noone but each other to play with:0

Michelle said...

I know you have my back when I need you, and that is why I love you so much!