Friday, August 12, 2011

What a Week!!!!!

Talk about an all out free for all battle!   Thankfully, God came through in mighty ways...told ya Devil, get on those running shoes, because you're gonna flee!   Makes me think of that sunday school song when I was a kid:

My God is so great, so strong and so mighty,
there's nothing my God cannot do!

It's so amazing to see how stepping back, relying on God to vindicate all things, really Works!  Still battles are raging, but we see them for what they really are....pathetic attempts to throw us off.   Instead of being flustered, I'm just singing his praises!   He goes into battle before us--the victory is not ours, but His!

Speaking of victory.....

I'm going to be hosting a new small group this September:

Last summer, I did so well on being healthy....fall and winter..and spring...and let's face it most of summer....not so much.  Spiraling, feeling sick, tired, and hurting, out of control in so much more than just eating....all led me to this book recommended by my lovely friend Courtney!

Right now, I have a handful of ladies that are in on this journey with me!   We are starting early, walking a mile, coming back and learning how to rely on God to be our strength, our comfort, and our reward.

The steps that I'm taking to start this journey to complete health?

--Reading my Bible Every day...fill up my God tank first!  If I'm feeling tempted later, I head upstairs (far from the kitchen ;)) and grab a few pages of Jesus to fill my need.

--I cut out sugars, carbs, and most dairy.  We did this last spring and I felt amazing...somehow, the carb coma won out and I stopped being so diligent....

--Walking..Walking..Walking!  Every Day...plug into my praise and worship and hit the pavement!   Prayer Walking makes it go so much faster!!!!!  I've had to catch myself a couple of times from really letting go...or else people would start talking about the crazy lady walking around town, talking to herself and dancing ;)

Struggles so (duh)....drinking Lots of water (and getting up at 2:30 every morning because of it!) knees are KILLING ME! (I know that it is just another hurdle, but I will get past it!). the last 2 weeks I've dropped 8lbs :)

I'll be starting Fatty Boombalatty Fridays again....keeping me accountable and then once we start our study, I'll go over what I've learned that week!

Have a great weekend....and remember that no matter what obstacle you face, Our God is great, so strong and so might, there's nothing our God cannot do!   (cling to God and the devil will flee!!!!!)


Lori said...

Prayers with you as you lead your group of ladies. I'm ordering this book. Time to take it out of my cart and buy the darned thing.

gottaluvboyz said...

Prayers coming your way...good for you for jumping back on the bandwagon and leading a group of ladies in the process. I am ashamed to admit how much I have let myself go since the passing of my friend and her children. I am getting in the workouts, but oh my struggles with food. BTW, indeed Malabar Farm is in Ohio.

Pressed Petals said...

whatever you're going through may God see you through. i too have been going through something and the devil's a punk. God is good and alway wins!