Wednesday, November 30, 2011

60..well close enough...

Tomorrow will be another ginormous mile stone...60 lbs!  (today I'm just shy of it, but I know it'll be there..tomorrow, tomorrow, the sun will come out tomorrow....)

November totals:

12 lbs lost

since September, I've lost 3" from my chest, 4" from my waist, 6" from my hips (yes, 6..not a typo!), 3" off each thigh, 2" from each arm, and 1" from my neck....that's a lot of Inches!

November (took it on Sunday because I actually flung on some makeup ;))

Compared to September...

And this picture brings tears to my eyes...2 years ago February...

I still have a long road ahead.   But can I give you some encouragement?  It's just one step at a time, one good choice leads to another good choice...knocking down brick after brick that I had built up.

I'm loving the gym..who knew?!?  I'm not the prettiest workerouter, but I get it done!   In August when I hurt my knee I barely was able to walk a 45 min mile.   I'm proud to say that yesterday I killed it on the elliptical and did it in 12 min!   Jim said that he'd start thinking about working out after I was able to run faster than him...well, better start thinking because I'm closing in on ya!

I haven't been this size in like 10 yrs!  

Looking back, I wonder what in the heck took me so long?!?

Food was my hideout, my comfort, my reward...guess amount of cupcakes or brownies or whatever made any difference in our circumstances...not once, did scarfing down a sweet in a moment of frustration ever make what was so annoying disappear!

I've stopped hiding.   I've picked myself up, brushed myself off, and started living the life that I was made to live!

There is no way that I ever would have the strength to do this on my own...crazy hour long workouts..never...eating clean and portioned..nope....facing life full on...nada..definitely not this girl! 

I am constantly calling on God--Lord help me--I'm giving it all to you---Jesus please give me the strength for just 5 more pushups.   sounds silly, but you know works...Every Time!   

Also, support is crucial.   This journey is so much more than just's about becoming whole, inside and out.   Life will not magically change when that golden scale moment comes...and if you haven't grown on the inside while shrinking on the outside, you're setting yourself up to fail.

My dear friend Krystal...oh what a blessing she is in my life!  God sent her here /kept us here a little longer for a reason.   She's been there and overcame!   Her blog is so full of knowledge.  And, if you're at a point where you just don't know what to do next...seriously, she is the Best Coach!!!  Jillian Shmillian!  This girl knows how to get it done!   (Last week, she stood beside my elliptical and kept cheering me on--Go Baby! Go Baby!)   Without her pushing, I never would have branched off the treadmill---crossfit workouts--sweating, and more sweating--I actually did 15 pullups last week (assisted but still)--Yeah Baby!

so, do me a favor..she has a new blog....go show her some love :)

Grow or Die

and...if you need help getting started, or have hit a wall and just don't know what else to her!!!!!


Lori said...

So proud of you my friend! For such a time as this, huh? God has big plans for you! Love ya!

Michelle said...

So proud of you sweetie! You look fabulous!!!!!

gottaluvboyz said...

A HUGE Congratulations is in order to you! You look absolutely amazing and should be very proud of yourself! I, too, am a comfort eater. When life gets difficult I turn to food. I can workout with the best of them, but food is my weakness. The deaths of my best friend and her children have done me in this year. Emotionally. Physically. Add on the stress of knowing saying good bye to my Papa is in the coming months and I have been turning to food. A lot lately. Three days ago I said enough is enough. I have been a fan of Turbo Jam for the last three years; however, starting tonight I am going to switch things ups and give 30 Day Shred a go. You have inspired me. Motivated me. Thank you!!!!

Debbie said...

I read this earlier today on the fly, but I wanted to return and give you the congratulations you deserve! Way to go! Yes!
Ok, I'm just passing through...

Jules said...

Woot! So exciting! You are in the zone and reaping the benefits of your hard work. You must be so proud. Good job!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

First, I love that you invented the word "Workerouter." That? Rocks.
Second, you look FANTASTIC. Way to take care of God's gift to you--your body, your health. Way to commit to this--not an easy thing, but PUSH UPS! Dang, girl!

Sally said...

Hey Shelly, I came over from Green Girl because you noted a sister in Grand Rapids. I have two sisters in that area.

But now I want to say CONGRATULATIONS!! on your weight loss. I jumped on the band wagon 2 years ago, lost 40lbs and am on the road of trying to maintain.

Here is the blog I wrote about my weight loss:

Your attitude is spot on, keep up the good work. Blessings!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Oh. My. Gosh. You look so fantastic, I feel like I don't recognize the person in the "before" photo!