Wednesday, November 23, 2011

So Much To Be Thankful For...

Seriously, where does the time go? 

I feel like I'm not accomplishing Anything, yet every day seems to FLY by!!!

Because Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I'll let you in on a few of my thanks---

* Knocking on the door of 60lbs lost...for real...that's more than my 10 year old!

* Friends and Family who are so supportive...and not just in the shallow cheerleader way...pushing us to grow, keep moving, don't get discouraged!

* Bloggy Friends who, even though they have never me, are just as amazing as my real everyday life friends!!!  (Thank YOU!)

* My kiddos--3 boys can make me feel frazzled, but as I look at them...I can't help but be completely amazed that WE are raising such awesome kids!!!  

* Jim...what is there to say....he is the poster child for Loyal, Hard Working, and Everything a Great Husband Should Be!   He's been working crazy long hours for the last month..practically everyday...Friday marks the end of his project...Can't Wait to have him back home!!! (it's just not the same without him here!)

* Unexplainable..Miraculous...Provisions...God is always Faithful...always Trustworthy...always Dependable.   When the world seems to be shattering, He is Rock, my Salvation, my Everything!

*Health...we are so blessed.   I am thankful for the people that God has placed in our lives that have shown us this path of whole health!  It can be a lonely place and it's nice to have friends on the fringe ;)

* Healing...Riley got a cold a matter of hours from the first cough, the doc told us it was pneumonia!   I have never heard of someone playing and running around one day and struggling to breath the next....scared me big time!!!!  Now today, he is coughing up junk, eating, and wants to go to Grandma's!   I tell you what, the way we eat makes a huge difference---yes, today I'm making him stay low key, but who recovers from no air flow on the rt lung and barely any on the lt lung in a day?!?   A Strong kid that's for sure!!!

* Holiday meals--I've had mixed emotions about all of the celebrations this time of year brings---oh how I love Thanksgiving and Christmas meals!!!   But, I am so very thankful for family who take an interest and concern in what I "can" no, I won't be partaking in loads of stuffing and mashed potatoes and slabs of pumpkin pie with perfect homemade crusts.   I will be enjoying my alternative dishes and a small slice of my healthy version pumpkin pie (recipe coming soon!).

We really are so very truly blessed!!! Every perfect gift comes from God....even those that we don't see as a gift....most of the time the most life changing presents come in less than stellar packages!

May your Thanksgiving festivities be filled with family and friends, and only lots of good things...lots of gratitude and love beyond measure!!!!!

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Debbie said...

You have my undying admiration! I would LOVE to lose that much weight. Maybe you can come stay awhile with me and be my trainer! :D
Have a great and Happy THanksgiving!