Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hey You Guys!!!!

While finding our way to the farmer's market this weekend, Amber and I heard the craziest sound:

HEY YOU GUYS!!! bounced off of the buildings, causing everyone to stop...what kind of crazy person would yell that....the one and only Kathy of course~

Yes, she's wearing shorts~despite the fact that it was 50 some degrees on Saturday! I think someone has been living up north for too long!

I got to spend the day with the girls! Feet were sore from trekking around in flip flops, side ached from laughing so hard, and my heart was full from having such an amazing afternoon!

In what seemed like a flash, it was time for us to go....thanks for the happy mom's day/ Kathy's birthday get together! I had a blast, lets not wait another year for this to happen again!

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Lori said...

Where;s you find a farmers market already? Madison? I've been up there in the summer but never this early in the year. I love farmers markets but I tend to buy way more than I should and then have to come up with ways to use everything before it spoils.