Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Redecorating Dilemma

So, I've been bit by the decorating bug. Once upon a time I was very into how my home looked, but then the boys came and I'm lucky if my clothes somewhat match....let alone my house properly decorated!!!

I'm thinking of painting my living room green...not army green...more of a khaki green (similar, but lighter then the green in the blue stripe fabric). Three walls will be that color and then I'm painting my terrible fake brick wall either an off white, or a light brown. Sounds odd, but I think it will work...hopefully.

Now that my walls are getting spruced up, my furniture really needs something...the boys have given it quiet the beating! I've looked on Craigslist. But really for what I'd be spending on a couch that I'm not 100% on, I could really buy fabric and reupholster the old ones...maybe!

So here are my choices from today's fabric store trip:

This is actually a ton darker in person. The middle fabric is called patriotic cherry and is woven. The plaid, which I LOVE, has the dark red, plus a very similar green....not sure how I would work it. The plaid is a thinner fabric. Maybe do the main part of the couch red and then add the plaid as the back pillows?

This was another set that caught my eye. The brown and blue solids have a diamond pattern.
Then I saw this! Way to expensive for an entire couch, but maybe an ottoman!

There you have it, my craftiness for the day!
ETA: The Nesting Place is a huge inspiration! She is going through her top 5 decorating must haves....the tutorial on fabric is awesome!


This is me... said...

I like them all but really like the last green one! The cherry red would be great, then the plaid as the pillows, but you gotta use that green somewhere, maybe an ottoman like you said or that as throw pillows over the blue stripey fabric. There's an awful lot of white in the blue stripe fabric though with boys, boys shoes, boys food, boy animals, you know. I think painting your brick wall off-white would look nice with khaki green walls. Good luck with all of this. I didn't know you upholstered. I'll have to remember that. I can do simple things but I've never attempted a full couch. There's nothing that brightens me up more than a good re-do!

shelly said...

Thanks Lori! I don't really "know" how to do it, my couches seem pretty simple...but then Jim rolls his eyes at me! Good fabric is so expensive! Now I'm trying to figure out if it would really add life to our old my friend Amber says "I've got champagne tastes on a beer budget!"