Friday, July 24, 2009

Whew, What a Week!!!!

Gosh, I can't believe that it's been a week already!!! Where has July gone?

Amy and I had a super fun time at the fiber fair, although I only took one picture of fiber!!!! (this was me teaching Amy how to spin in our hotel room!) I got 8 ounces of this green wool and a package of blue and tanish colored silk hankies. We laughed, we ate and we had some crazy's the run down!
The Crystal Lake Fiber Fair was was good, but nothing I absolutely HAD to have (in fact, if I would have known we'd be stopping at IKEA I wouldn't have spent a dime!!!!). We stayed at a Haaammmpton....sorry, Amy sings it and it is sooooo funny!!!! I feel sorry for the poor maids the next day who wondered what kind of crazy green dog left it's fuzz on the pretty white spreads!
On Saturday, Amy had wanted to swing by a suburb and pick up a chicken coup...yes, chickens!!!! The guys were total scammers and didn't have it even ready! At first they said was 11:30! What could 2 wild and crazy girls do for 4 hours in the burbs???? IKEA!!!! Amy had a previous bad ikea experience so it was my mission to change her mind!
Why would anyone need a million and one chip thingies? Who knows, but it was only a buck!!!! (Stuffmaaaaart!....if you've never seen Madame Blueberry from Veggie Tales, you got a try it!)
I LOVE this shower curtain! It would tie in so nicely with my green wall going up my stairs...ahhh, but I restrained myself even though it was $12!
Here's my stash: $10 for 3 pairs of scissors, a cute ice cube tray thing, a lemon juicer and a battery powered whisk to make my fake lattes :) Heaven!!!!
So, we head back to pick up the chick coup....only they weren't'll be 30 min...went and got some coffee...they called back...45 more there only to stand around for another hour!!!!! And they didn't even finish the whole thing! Don't ever order a chicken coup from some guys from Woodstock!!!!!
Finally, we got the thing loaded in the back of her truck!
We totally went down the tollway with this!!! I bet we got lots of laughs....especially when it felt like the whole thing was going to tip over on the off ramp to the Oasis! (chicken pot, chicken pot, chicken pot Piiiiiieee....again, another one of Amy's songs....Jim was so annoyed by me when I got home and started singing EVERYThing!!!)

On a side note, this was a house across from the goofy chicken people! LOVE the color! Tried to convince Jim that we needed to switch our house paint to this color....he's almost halfway through it and didn't really appreciate my suggestion :) But it's soooo pretty!!!!
On Sunday, I spotted this couch on Craig's List for FREEEEEE! OH YEAH!
I've found super cute plaid love seat, but I'm negotiating when we can get it....this weekend ended up not working for Jim :( If we get it, that means our living room furniture cost $50....Sweeetttt!
Jim found out on Wednesday that he passed his State Paramedic Test!! Watch out world here comes Jim (cue hero music from footloose!)
Today I totally turned Amber into a junker! We went to this awesome shop called re-store (all its profits go to Habitat for Humanity)....definitely going back with the hubbies and measurements!!!!!
This light fixtures were all between $5 and $20.....all they needed was a little spray paint on the brass and lights!!!!
We also stopped by a Good Will.....debated over a very cute, definitely shabby end table, but held off! I spent a whole $5 on a metal tree that I'm planning on hanging black and white pictures of the boys on with little black clothes pins and a metal tray for a whopping $.99! I'm going to paint some chalk board paint into the center and make it a little message board for some place!!!!!

It's been a great week, except for dinging a guy's bumper in a parking lot....but all in all it was so cool to finally have Jim be done with school, finding great deals and hanging out with 2 VERY cool friends!

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