Sunday, May 23, 2010

Birthday, Birthday, Who Had a Birthday?

Here's a quick (who are we kidding, is anything I do ever QUICK?!?) recap of J's b-day festivities:

Baseball cookies for the practice on his birthday---which ended up being rained out, but thankfully not until everyone showed and got a cookie!
I just made basic sugar cookies using the roll a ball and smash with the bottom of a sugared glass method. Then I whipped up a basic royal icing, thick for the outline then thinned to make an even coat, added red dye and made some stitches...insta super mom (yeah, right!)
Jim was on shift the day of J's birthday, so my mom invited over to their house for steak (gee twist Jamie's arm!). They were nuts, Corn AND Potatoes!!! Heaven!
My mom was also sweet enough to make him dirt dessert...I don't know why, but 10 has seemed to be the year of weird facial expressions :/
...and crazy ways to blow out the candles...(this is my dad's method-big breathe in and then poof of air to blow out the fire)
Here's another trick my dad taught them...pretend to sneeze and hold a gummy worm in your hand like it's a chunky blow ( full of's life). Corey couldn't figure it out, so he just crammed the little thing up there. Yeah, he seriously thinks he's hot snot (heheheh).

Saturday was our family party...grandmas, grandpas and aunt and uncles. (15 people and 100 meatballs made by hand...thankfully we have some good leftovers!)
J wanted a Tony Hawk birthday. There's instructions floating around for a skateboard cake using chocolate doughnuts and those rolled cookie things...I ended up using dingdongs and lifesavers plus tried to make the T. Hawk logo~again with the crazy face!~
Here he is opening our present....all excited to see something Navy, right?!?

hmmm...I wish it was from the Iraq War not WW2...well, alrighty then...(after 0 sleep the night before with his slumber party, I about lost I had to remind myself that I was surely the same when I was his age...grrr)

He is now completely outfitted in everything T. Hawk from his shirts all the way down to his shoes (socks too)....and he has a nice stash to save up for a "nice" skateboard. I figure with allowance and all, it will take him the whole summer...buying me some time to have him prove that he can take better care of the cheap board from last year!
In between festivities, Jim was able to pound out a couple of raised beds for my square foot gardening! I'm thinking I'll need at least 2 more, but now I have my seedlings and mother's day tomato plants in the ground :) Much safer for them outside as long as I can keep the neighborhood cats out of all of that nice soft dirt!!!


gottaluvboyz said...

Oh, wow...looks like he had a wonderful birthday! Those baseball cookies and cake are too darn cute...great job!!!

Jennifer Juniper said...

A great party :) Love the baseball cookies and the tony hawk cake is awesome!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What a great party--very cute cookies. Glad your boy had a special day!