Sunday, May 16, 2010

Well...It's a Pec Thing

*Warning* Lots and Lots of pictures, but they're entertaining so keep going!

Joyce and I headed out to an area flea market on Saturday's an annual deal and it took up almost the entire fair grounds :)

Our third partner in crime, Lori, was stuck at home washing windows and such...unfortunately the kindly little cleaning elves didn't show at her home (ignore my dirty carpet in one of the last pictures!!!!)

Sooo...I snapped a gratuitous old typewriter shot and emailed it to her (just to let her know that we were thinking about her of course).
Joyce loved these plates...they are really much cooler than my cell phone cam makes them out to be! (these are one of the many projects on our next to do list!) What do you think of the glass vase sculptures in the back? They were the first thing that I spied and immediately thought...hmmmm....granny bongs?!? (I'm sorry...can't help it...way too many Cheech and Chong records in high school!) Really officer, it's a glass yard ornament for my grandma's birthday!Here's another sign that you're in the midwest....yard ornaments made from beer cans...uh huh!

(I have to admit that I am rather fond of the pretty glass jars and the red light bulbs...another project maybe?)
Hands down, this one is super high on the list!!!! I've been wanting to make one for years....and yes, Joyce, I've already warned Jim that some day soon we will be invading his man cave and using his tools! (our's, of course, will be slightly classier without the tub full of cheap beer and the 5 0'clock sign)

These metal statuaries cracked me up! I love all of the colors and the fact that they seem to be at least pseudo recycled junk art :)

I really want this cowboy...he had a friend back behind that was holding a shot know, to go with all of my beer bottle bugs!

This was Joyce's cute! And simple to make to boot!

Again, we've been on this bed spring phase (did I ever show you guys my "spring" wreath? I can't remember)...these would be super cute on a table or a cool old metal rocker (swoon!)

O' how I love thee, new cupboard shop that looks like it came out of Grandma's kitchen.....

The cream one above is my very favorite, but I love the hardware on the cream island below and ohhh the red curio in the still my heart and get up to grab a lotto ticket! There was nothing here under $ can makes this stuff if you really wanted to....

This was lunch..sort of, I gave Jim the chips later and left the bun (hmph....grains!) Lunch was from a local company, Buritt Meats...if you're local, they are amazing!!!

How fun would this be in our backyard?!? Too bad Riley would be the only one still small enough to really enjoy it!

This is part of the cow barn....I'm sure the old thing is used to being filled with crap, just not of the variety that most people would actually want ;) It cracked me up to see so many people crammed in there! Honestly, this was my favorite building to go to at the fair when growing up...Kathy, I posted some pics just for you!
I didn't get a good shot, but I loved the green workbench...way too pricey for my budget, but still...ahhh....

Here's a side shot, 3 isles of stuff, some neat, some not so much, but still!

I told Jim that he was lucky that I didn't bring home one of these for one of our peaks. Here's how that conversation went: why...because they're cool...but you don't know the angle of our pooper!

Soooo....what did I actually buy there? Not much really, a couple of tart pans and some Navy patches for Jamie's birthday next week...and....this----

The same man, who was selling the patches, also had a bunch of army-ish uniforms hanging along a fence. I went over to look at a camo duffle bag, but then I spotted this uniform! He only wanted 20 bucks!!!! It has pants with the little button front and everything!

He said it was a WW2 uniform....under the collar is a tag saying it's 100% wool and has a very faded name written in cursive and a service number too!

Jamie's going to freak!!!! I'm thinking about framing it for his room, or just letting him hang it up and play with it a bit....any thoughts?
Well, I hope that you all have had an awesome weekend...I need to get off this computer and plant a few new plants and maybe squeeze in a little family baseball at the park! (Jamie's birthday is next week, so I'll be pretty busy getting everything ready for his very first sleepover! Lots of craft projects to come with that one!!!!)


Debbie said...

I would have gone nuts there. SO many neat things and good ideas and you other fun ladies. Some of those things are a little weird too, aren't they! But you got that great uniform. Thanks for the pics!

lifeshighway said...

I want to go to that flea market... yours are so much better than ours. Great shots of various do-dads to put in your yard. I would love to cross link to your post.

I am a bit if a yard art nut.

Courtney Walsh said...

I would've wanted all those countertops and islands and I have nowhere to put any of them!! It's insane but that is what I am most drawn to!!

Looks like a fun time. I'm so sad I couldn't join you!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What a find! I've never been to a market selling such wonderful things--I'm a sucker for metal and old and that typewriter! How cool!

Michelle said...

Oh, it looks like you and Joyce had a grand time. I can hear you laughing now!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Oh my gosh! I couldn't get all the pics to come up but I saw enough to know I want to go there!

Kathy said...

Your shots of the cattle barns did indeed remind me of long, hot days at the county fair. I miss that sometimes.

Glad you had a great time, Shelly. I love that you are so adept at seeing other uses for everyday objects, and so you see the beauty in all those creations!

Kaylen said...

Wow-this is an amazing flea market!! I never find one like this in my area! Totally jealous.