Friday, May 28, 2010

Where Did This Week Go?!?

The other morning, I got a call from my super cute preggers friend Amber...Baby M made an early appearance :) I don't have a picture of her, but just imagine the cutest little peanut with a head full of hair and the tiniest baby pout! I brought Amber these flowers that started blooming that morning and they just looked so happy and fresh (just like the little baby we're celebrating!)

Last night was a quilt session at Joyce's. This is huge because I AM Not a quilter...first time, doing paper piecing (are we NUTS?). Thankfully, Joyce is an awesome teacher and we all made it out alive, with all of our fingers (but funnily enough we all at some point cut off a piece of fabric that was supposed to stay!). I was shooting for a cheery summer color scheme (WOW--it's bright!)
The little diagram papers are actually freezer paper that Joyce printed patterns on (she is so smart!).
Here's our finished blocks (the color is a bit wonky so this was the best that picnik would let me get).
I'm seriously going to sneak in to Lori's house and swipe hers!

Here's a close up of mine (put your sunglasses on first!). I'm undecided on what to do with this...pillow (but where would I put it), wall hanging (Lori suggested using it as my summer "wreath" on my hutch) or have Jim finagle a frame and wrap it like a canvas? The flower in the middle is actually just some scraps that I messed with...I'm really not super happy with the stripe fabric, but it tied all of the colors in....oh well, next time when I don't have 3 boys trying to knock over every display in Joanne Fabrics!
This morning I came downstairs and found Max on our loveseat....

I asked him if he was comfortable and here was his reply~

Well, alrighty then!

Have a great holiday weekend (I'm hoping ours will be spent mostly on the water...cross your fingers and say a prayer that Jim did everything right when winterizing the boat!)


Michelle said...

Your paper piecing projects all turned out so cute! Good job girls! You have fun and be careful this weekend. It's supposed to be beautiful....don't forget the sun tan lotion! Louie and I will most definitely be on the Goldwing!
be blessed!

gottaluvboyz said...

Your project turned out great! I have always wanted to learn how to quilt...perhaps one day. Have a wonderful holiday weekend:)

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are great! Thanks for putting this up. I'm going to go link it from my boring picture-less post.

I'm gonna get cranky over not having my computer pretty soon!!