Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Slumber Parties and T-shirts

Jamie had his very first slumber party on Friday night :)

I figured, weather permitting, we'd do a bon fire and make some skater t-shirts. First, I bought 6 shirts from HobLob (they were $2.99 compared to Michael's $3.99).

Then, I printed out some skater images and phrases...Rocks was the one J approved off.
Put the image under the freezer paper (shiny side down) and transfer the outline with a pen or sharpie. Painstakingly trace outline with an exacto knife....for 6 t-shirts worth of art. (I've heard that you can re-use the freezer paper templates, but mine stuck like you know what so I wouldn't bet on it!)

Flip shirt inside out and iron onto the front side a chunk of freezer paper the size of the shirt. This helps keep the paint from seeping through to the back. You could also just shove in a paper sack or cardboard, but I knew that I'd be working with boys and the more stable and less mess up-able the better ;)
To the right side of the shirt, iron on the image and Rocks (this picture is missing the 2 little pieces that make the outline of his inner leg and arm)
With a little sponge brush, slap on some fabric paint. Let dry for a bit and then peal off the paper~

This seriously took forever!!!! I also cut out each of their names to put on the inside of "rocks". I envisioned super cool skater shirts (that ate up tons of time on the slumber party clock!)
Here are the boys putting paint on their names~

...and decorating the shirts (most had to add ramps because "duh-they can't skate in mid air/shirt")Notice all of that hard work, cutting out all of the details in the fingers and knees and leg...Gone...I shoulda known!
And 5 min later on the slumber party clock...we're D.O.N.E.!

Jamie turned his guy into a hawk because you know that we LoVe all things T. Hawk!

This reminds me of a skateboarding version of our vascular chart in X-ray school :)


Skater that ran into the wall (the green box on the side)

Corey wanted nothing to do with it, so I made his...he was just happy that the Wii was freed from the herd of boys!

and my personal favorite....skateboarder with his "girlfriend"....She has a belly button...why, yes she does!
The bon fire took about an hours and then it was onto playing grey ghost and finding toads (along with burping and farting contests...JoY!)
I called my mom around 8:30 pm to thank her for all of the times I was allowed to have friends spend the night :) All in all they were pretty good....ended up watching movies ALL night and giggling like a pack of girls, but they were good.
Jamie came into our room around 5:30 am, asking for the sword I had taken away a couple of hours earlier...Jim decided it was time to make breakfast...biscuits and gravy per Jamie's request (plus Gigantor cups of carm mac for Jim and I!!!!)

I'm linking the whole shirt tut to Jennifer's


gottaluvboyz said...

OMGosh...how fun! I bet the boys loved those shirts. Too creative:)

Anonymous said...

I love the shirts!! I thought what you put on was pretty cool and wondered what the boys would do. Love the detail the color adds!! You are a cool mom!! :)

Custom t-shirts said...

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

VERY cool shirts! And what a fun craft ideas for the masculine party goer!

Courtney Walsh said...

Shirts are such a great idea! I think I always forget that boys love to do artistic things just as much as girls. You found a way to make it cool for them...go you! I'd say you get your own "Mom Rocks" t-shirt.

The image could be a lady soaking in a bubble bath, what do you think?

shelly said...

Thanks guys!

Green Girl--we had to do something or else the house would have caved in from All of the testosterone!

Courtney--that would be great--maybe Calgon take me away?

Jennifer Juniper said...

They turned out so great!