Thursday, April 21, 2011

Can't Sleep

I'm a bundle of nerves, wrapped up in a headache, covered in congestion with an ear ache as a bow!

Jim has a super huge test on Friday. Like pass it or you have to take a 4 week refresher course in IA...the test has a huge fail rate...I know Jim is feeling the pressure.

God has it all under control. No matter what the outcome, Your timing is perfect...Your plan is in place. I trust you Lord, I trust you Lord, I Trust You Lord!

I'm trying really hard here to give this all to you, Father...but can I be honest here for a I sit here pondering the outcomes...I think I might be sick!


Michelle said...

Sing praises to the Lord. Whenever I get in a situation when I am feeling like you, I sing 'Jesus Loves Me' over and over (no ears are's usually at work and it's too loud for anyone to hear me!)

Remember not to worry. When we worry, we are NOT fully trusting our God. Find something fun to do, to occupy your mind and TRUST.
Love ya!
Michelle new motto, and I have it posted at work where I can see it all the time is, KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON! It helps!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Don't worry! Pray!