Friday, June 26, 2009


...because tomorrow it's supposed to rain! It's been HOT HOT HOT here in IL! So hot that I went out and bought a cheapy pool....its an amazing leverage for getting rooms cleaned, dishes washed, and attitude adjustments!
So far we are on day number 3 with no toys....and guess what, no one has died! In fact, I think it's the best thing we have ever done!!!! Now it won't stay like this forever, just until they can develop a little respect for their things. I think tomorrow we will start to go through the boxes and weed out the broken ones and then slowly add them back to the mix.
The boys have been playing really well together without the constant bickering over who plays what! They actually sat down for a couple of hours and made paper air planes....would have took a picture but the whole scene had me so thrown that it didn't even cross my mind!
Have a great weekend...hope that you're able to find your sense of balance to!

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