Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend Update

Yet another full weekend! (I have a feeling that this is what the entire summer is going to look like!!!!)

Friday we had an awesome time hanging out with Amber and Rand...had quite the conversations about painting among other things. (hahaha) We also got a huge laugh from the neighbor boy telling my dad "WOW, I've never met anyone with a ROBOT LEG!" Gotta love kids!

Saturday was the brunt of our town's festival. Poor Jim had to work the EMT breakfast, went on an ambulance call, back just in time to line up for the parade and then it was back down to the fire station for the pork chop supper!
I had to snap a shot of the pom pom girls! They were riding on a fire truck (obviously) dear sweet Jamie stood up and said "Hey...look at the hot fire chicks!" What!!?!! No idea where he heard that, but it was funny as heck!

Today was filled with getting J ready for camp....lots of laundry and packing! "Mmmomm...I cant find any of my clothes!" Bathroom basket is empty, last load is in the wash...where could all of his clothes be? In the side closet that no one uses of course!!!! Yep, its 9 pm and I am still doing laundry!!! Hence the leftover graham cracker with peanut butter and the leftover bit of chocolate...mmmm...destressing already!

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