Wednesday, October 28, 2009

L.Y.B.O. Wednesday

Well, I've been slightly absent from the bloogy much going on here at home that I'm just spent, plain and simple!

On Sunday the boys and I snuck out to a movie with my mom and my sister and brother-in-law. My sister called on our way into town, saying that she'd bought the boys candy for the movie. Don't ask..its a family thing to sneak food into the theater...all started with my Gma and her "movie purse" that held sandwich baggies of popcorn...pretty slick until you try to nonchalantly open a CAN of pop!!!

Anyway, I digress....we get ourselves all situated in the semi-crowded theater: pops evenly spaced between the children, buckets of popcorn within reach of everyone, etc. Then my sister passes out the boys' boxes of candy (yes BOXES!). They love gummy anything, so Crys thought they'd get a kick out of Gummie read it right...boogers!

Just picture it, boys with booger a crowded theater! "Hey Uncle Duane...would you like to try one of my boogers?". "Mom, do you like my boogers?". "Mmmmm, these boogers taste good!". Trust me it couldn't get any worse! Seriously they were gross...basically, if the gummy factory took all of their leftover gummy mix(?), smooshed it all together and then processed it into blobs, there you'd have it...gummie boogers!

Thanks for the movie mom and thanks Crys and Duane for the boogers...really...from the bottom of my heart! (Just wait till you have munchkins!)


Jennifer Juniper said...

Ewww! Boogers! Yeah, my boys would love it.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

A CAN of pop in the movie? Tres daring!