Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What a Great Weekend!!!!

Most people find awesome romantic spots to celebrate their anniversaries....we head a hole in the wall bar, Baumgartner's. They have the world's best cheese sandwich according to my dad.....yep....plain rye bread and a hunk of cheese...yum...ha! But if you get their awesome chili and dip said sandwich it's pretty good!
Then we head further up into cheese country to New Glarus, home of New Glarus Brewery....our fave brewer of fine beers! Last year this new facility wasn't even open! It's Beautiful!
My favorite sight in all the world!
Words to live by!
These stairs lead up to the brewing area for my favorite beer....Berliner Weiss.
Here's our stash from the "gift shop" :)
We ended the night with some munchies, beer and a few movies from Blockbuster! This is Jim watching Get Smart! (he's a nut when it's a funny movie)On Sunday we headed into town to Bergners. They had a Kitchenaide knife set on sale for $50....normally $150....Yes Please!
We decided to stop at Red Robin before heading back to paint the house (sounds like fun huh?!?)....isn't this flag the coolest? 320 baseballs....hmmmm....where can I find some cheap baseballs?
All in all, it was a great relaxing weekend where we got loads accomplished! Perfect way to celebrate our life together!

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