Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dress to Impress?

I haven't written lately on my progress reading through the Bible cover to cover.  I just finished 2 Samuel this I thought that I'd write about one of the things that really struck me.

In 2 Samuel 6, David was bringing the ark into Jerusalem.   He had started this journey earlier.  But when Uzzah fell against the ark and died, David became afraid and dropped it off at the closest place.   

When he finally came to terms with what had happened (and saw how greatly God was blessing the house where the ark stayed), David decided to give it a second go around.   This time, they stopped every few feet to offer sacrifices to the Lord.  David danced and sang with all of his might during this procession into Jerusalem.

He danced and sang with All His much so that his wife was embarrassed by his undignified manner. 

He replied that he would praise God with all of his might--undignified or not--God chose him, made him a prince and after all of that running around and hiding out in caves God's promise was finally coming true!   I'll dance to bring God glory, more recklessly than this--I'll look like a total fool because of all that he's done for me!

Here's where I was convicted....God has given us so much...yes, we are still in our own little barren desert right now, but we are still blessed so very much.

So, what or who do I keep this dignity for?

I should be shouting from the rooftops His praises....dancing down the street, singing with all of my might---Loco in the Spirit!  

Filled and totally over the top on fire for the Lord!   That's where I want to be!!!

I will celebrate, sing unto the Lord..I will sing to him a new song!


Debbie said...

Please take me with you :D

Lori said...

Let's go dancing together!