Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wise Counsel

Wow, I'm so enthralled with the O.T. right now!

Who knew that some of this stuff could be So Interesting!?!?

I flew through 1st and 2nd Samuel and am now over halfway through 1st Kings.

Did you know that David's son Absalom was the first baby kissing, handshaking, mumbo jumbo talkin' politician? Yep, he sat at the town gate, shaking hands, kissing cheeks and promoting his cause trying to overthrow his dad.

David had a serious problem keeping his kids under control. In fact, pretty much all of the major guys in the Old Test. had family issues. Why is that? Makes you really think about how sometimes we loose focus on what really matters even though we are doing something good....like running a country...

When it comes to advice, time and time again, wise counsel is so Important!

David's son Absalom had the rebellion in the bag...until, he followed the advice of someone secretly loyal to David. His plan to attack David played on Absalom's pride and led to his defeat and death.

Solomon, the wisest man on earth (and whoa, did he seriously fall or what?!?), obviously didn't pass any of it down to his kids. Maybe he was too busy entertaining people from all over the world who came to just sit and listen to him... His son, Rahoboam, completely ignored the advice of his father's elders when it came to dealing with his new kingdom.

The good advice was to serve his people and they will serve him. Humble, serving...not really the awesome lifestyle of a King.

His friends told him to flex his muscle, show them who's boss---if you thought my father's yoke was heavy, mine will be even heavier still! And the people rebelled, and he lost most of his kingdom (Israel split from Judah)....just as God told Solomon would happen because of his disobedience.

So, whose your counsel? Oprah? Horiscopes? Dr. Phil?  Self Help Books?

Reading through the O.T. has been so eye opening...learn from our fathers' mistakes...grow from their wisdom and experience.

And most of all, look to God! He lays it all out for us. Sometimes it seems as clear as mud, but He won't ever steer you wrong!!!! He knew you before you were born, formed you in your mother's womb...molded for His good works.

Don't waste yourself on shoddy advice or fads---God's word stands the test of time!

These are all things that we have been in deep discussion about with Jamie. He's getting to that delightful age where he knows best, we know nothing. I really want to instill this sensitivity to where he gets his knowledge.

O Lord, give my sons discerning hearts--let wisdom be their guides--grow in them hearts that follow after you, that walk in your ways and follow your statutes! Bless them with wise counsel when the time comes and protect them from fools with selfish motives at heart!

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

It is striking how badly these sons behaved--it's an ongoing theme throughout the OT--prophets, kings and leaders have sons who rebel. Really impresses the importance of good parenting. Where were the dads? In my view, Solomon and David are poster children for bad parenting--a shame with all the resources at their disposal!