Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pepsi and Pox

2 Things that I really love to have in the house : 

Pepsi made with sugar in a glass bottle and Chicken Pox

(well, not all of the time....just on special occasions..but you get the idea)
Remember this from April Fools?  Rainbow Pox....Oh Yeah!

We are trying like the dickens to get the real deal here.....we had a play date with some new friends who recently moved to the area and brought these happy red spots ..the elusive chicken pox!

We have our fingers crossed that sometime in the next 10-14 days we'll be buying stock in calamine lotion and having more play dates with other friends wanting spotted kids too. 

If we've successfully inoculated our kiddos, I'll be sitting back happily drinking my Mexican Pepsi while we stick it to the ridiculous pharm companies ;)    

Just for kicks and giggles, I might wear a tie dyed shirt, make granola and get a pair of Jim's favorite shoes....

Have an awesome weekend!  It's supposed to be crazy hot here for the next few we're heading to the lake :)


Michelle said...

Have a wonderful time, and don't get burned. Chicken pox on top of a burn would be horrible!

Jules said...

Michelle is quite brilliant with her post and advice. :\

I hope your kiddos get the pox just because you want them too. I, however, stand by my feelings that pox in this heat would be a miserable way to parent.