Monday, July 4, 2011

Worth It?

After 5 days of baking for usually over 8 hrs a day...
One really starts to question their sanity!!!!!

Without a doubt, I'd still be at the church frosting if it weren't for my wonderful friends!!!!!!!

Thank You Amber!
And Grandma!
And Shelby
And sweet Abby
And my mom!
These ladies worked their fingers to the bone to frost over 500 cookies plus put up with me asking them to dot a little heart over Alabama!

Sleep is soooo lacking that my brain is barely feet and back are killing me....and I just had to ask myself today as I was running to the store Again:

Ugh, Is This Really Worth IT?!?

To which I got a swift reply from God----The People of Hackleburg are worth it to me, Shelly.

So, yes..I've been sore and frazzled and super tired....but, when it helps bring comfort or fill a need to someone hurting from such great loss....It's Totally Worth It!

It's onward and upward....marching to the finish line of this great big crazy cookie adventure!

We set up our booth this afternoon.   It was pretty slow today, but I was warned that tomorrow will be nuts!

I'll have more pictures and plenty of stories because I just have this feeling that God is going to move in a big way through this!

I'm off to bed so that I can try for a few zzz's before the alarm goes off again and we start all over...

Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July!!!!!


Michelle said...

Bless you Shelly. Bless you!

gottaluvboyz said...

You are doing such a wonderful thing! Best of luck today:)