Monday, July 11, 2011

Only a Week's Gone By?!?

Here's a glimpse of the hilarity that flowed last weekend...

We are so blessed to have family and friends to be there along side of us...while everything could have been a major downer, they helped bring out some bright spots in our adventure ;)

Robbie, what can ya say about Robbie?  He hasn't lived in the area allllll that long, but wow...what a great friend!!!  He gives and gives and gives (usually sarcasm, but sometimes he actually helps out!  Just kidding Robbie :))
He helped with tent set up and hung out while the "dears" flew---as in "Dear, I think that this table needs to be over here" or "Oh Love of My LIFE...would you please hang this up Straight"...or my fav "Darling, I don't think that's possible" (Jim might have said that about 100 times during the set up..somehow, my vision and reality didn't always agree!).
Yes, I spelled Hackleburg wrong for the night....but in my defense, I only had a couple of hours of sleep and I was stressed out about the health dept. inspector being in the next booth (which I shouldn't have been because he came in and spent all of 10 seconds in our tent..duh, I talked to the H.D. a million times to make sure that I had everything perfect)

I'm pretty sure that Jim is actually ASLEEP in this picture.  About 2 seconds after this shot, he almost dropped the can of pop!
The boys came and went, back and forth from Grandma's pool to festival food...
Oh, festival food...urp!
Everyone enjoyed the lack of diet that weekend....

And of course, Grandma let them play carni games...

Wow, that preteen 'tude...I am sooo not ready for it!
Fairly certain that he is Actually awake in this one ;)
So, the festival sales were kind of a bust....but we were able to meet some really neat people and get the word out about Hackleburg.  

The boys learned some good lessons.   Jamie was pretty upset when he heard some high school boys running their mouths about how we'd never raise money that way.
We trusted in God, stepped out in obedience....and I'm so amazed to say that since last week's total...we've gone over the $1000 mark!!!!!

God Is So Good!  


Michelle said...

Amazing...and I am so proud of all of you!

gottaluvboyz said...

Awesome...what a mark to hit! I love the bright colors and pinwheels found throughout the booth:)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Bravo! God is definitely blessing your work. (Cute booth)