Saturday, October 8, 2011

Eight is Super Great!

Happy Birthday Riley!

Let's see..8...what a year of great things...

Now you're completely past even a smidge of being considered a baby, or little guy (even though I keep protesting!)

You still humor me and let me kiss your soft little kisser cheeks :)

Always the dare devil....

You never stop moving...Ever..even in your sleep...

Indiana Jones and John Wayne are about the coolest guys on earth...except for your Dad.

You love math, bikes, and skateboarding.

Sports   Sports    Sports!    If it has a ball then you're gonna play it!  

I love the fact that you give your brother's a run for their money....never letting being the youngest hold you back!
You're stubborn and won't back down (I know that right now, it gives me a headache..but someday that strong will is going to serve you well!)

You love Jesus....secretly sing worship songs...until you see that I'm smiling and watching ;)

Happy Birthday Little Man!

May this year be a year of growth and firsts and nothing but good things!!!


Mom   xoxo


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Riley! I'm sending hugs to your mom, because I know she doesn't really want you to grow up. Why don't you give her an extra hug today for me, ok?

Lori said...

Happy Birthday Riley!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Many happy returns! He looks like he brings a lot of joy into your house!