Wednesday, October 26, 2011


It's harvest time....the shearing of the land.
Never expect to get anywhere fast.....there's always a tractor and trailer, a semi with a full load, or my favorite...a huge combine with no where to escape.   

As I was driving to the gym (yes, I said GYM!  but that will have to wait for another post), I was thinking about harvesting and what all it means.

Sure, food...

But God tells us that the harvest is plenty, yet the workers are few....a pretty accurate statement even just considering the percentage of farmers. 

Working the land is a hard life...a life of faith....pushing a dead seed into dirt....praying for rain, but not too much.....praying for sun, but not too hot....that little seed is planted with nothing but faith.

How amazing that our own life mirrors these seeds!   We put our hopes and our dreams in the fertile soil of our hearts....and eventually they grow and grow....sometimes it's not exactly the crop that we thought we planted, but usually more sweet than imaginable.   We plant seeds in others, seeds of hope, peace, healing, the farmer, we have No control over how these seeds are cared for...if they're watered or weeded....we just sprinkle the seeds with love and then God works his creation into being.
All summer long, we watch our fields grow.....perfect weather for a bountiful harvest....

Some view fall as a sad time, the advancing cold of conditions, yet even then God has a plan.....he created these seasons for a reason...both spiritual and physical. 

Embrace the harvest and the impending winter.  Rely on God and His purpose for your life in every stage.   

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

So true about the conditions being RIGHT around those seeds.
And like you, I plan for extra time on the roads during harvest and planting season!