Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cheesburger, Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger....

...and farmer/artist markets

our first night in town, Guy and Mel took us to this little burger joint called Guacamole's. If you're in the area, you have to stop!!! It's got it all: beer, great burgers, fresh potato chips and dining al fresca


we sat next to the fire place, which I'm sure comes in handy with these cool desert nights....but it was beautiful the night we were there! (aren't the little pineapple table numbers awesome?!?)

saturday morning, Jim had his big written test so Guy and Mel took me to the local farmer/artist market downtown.

I really need to grab some of these cute hanging peppers before we leave!
farmer/artist market

this couple was so cute....I could have sat and watched them all day long!

musicians at the farmers market

every week, this gentleman draws a different picture on the square....he does amazing work!

street artist

of course there were plenty of veggies (but we know what they look like!)

oh, the artists though! so cool, so diverse!

farmers/artist market

this man makes light shades out of tin cans! if you get a chance, check him out at Cantastiks!cantastick at the farmers market (too cool--google them!)

the new mexico soaps were pretty cool---lots of neat shapes and scents---and they were friends of Guy and Mel and were super nice!
sweetest soap lady at the market

another street musician.

musician at the farmers market

art is everywhere in the city....

tile on the square at the f.m.downtown farmer and artist market

this will be the new home to the market....I love how the metal rebar and studs will rust and change as time goes by...very NM!

soon to be square for the farmers market

these people are cementing the square with colored cement...the skill and patience involved is mind blowing....all this for something people will walk on!

painted cement in the new square

so, are you bored with our trip yet? I have so much more to show's amazing how much variety surrounds this town...we've only been down here a week and yet I feel like I have begun to tell you anything!

Oh....and Jim passed his first test...hence us staying down here for the week....the next one is today at 10:30 (11:30 our time)...prayers appreciated!


Michelle said...

The pictures and stories were awesome. Thanks for sharing!

As for's already been done! He will do just fine.

Have a safe trip back home!
('s been raining in Iowa for hours now)

jmquilts said...

Been praying for Jim today for his stamina and all his abilities to shine through!!

As for the NM soaps.... :p


Cold & rainy here, too. Stay warm!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Cheeseburgers and guacamole? You are in the Promised Land, sister!