Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Last Hurrah With The Boat

Sunday was 85 degrees...YES in October! What do you do with an 80 degree day? BOAT!
We've had the boat for sale in preperation for our move to New Mexico...sat forever. Craigslist brought us only goof balls that wanted to trade it for a snowmobile and an xbox...ummmm...No. So, we headed out to the Rock River near Oregon for one last spin before winterizing the boat.
I can't ever remember boating with fall colors out!
Everybody got their turn driving....hey wait...I didn't! Too busy taking photos.
(Corey cracked me up---when Jim told him it was his turn, he hopped up, cracked his knuckles and said "Hang On!")

Boating in fall is kind of boring....no tubing...water's freezing!
Here's the Blackhawk Statue...I've never been up there, but hoped to take the boys during the summer...maybe we'll get around to it sometime this fall.
See the line where the leaves are gone on the picture below? This was from the flood earlier this year....it was crazy because the branches below that line are just bare sticks...so odd!
It was probably the best day out in a long time! Perfect weather, beautiful scenery. And....we sold the boat! We were heading back to the dock when this pontoon flagged us down....Jim thought for sure that something was wrong with our boat. Nope! They wanted to know about our boat :) I thought for sure we'd never hear from them...seriously, who would?!? They came over last night and away the boat went.....Jim was a bit verklempt, but he'll get over it!


Lori said...

Glad to see you didn't moon the Rose. I know a young man (related but not immediately) who did that a few years back. The sheriff was waiting for them at the dock and arrested him for indecent exposure! Glad you got the boat sold. I wouldn't want you to chance that kind of happening!

Valerie said...

Oh what a nice day this must have been. I LOVE boating and my dream is to live on a lake one day. What a blessing to sell your boat right at the right time.

jmquilts said...

I'm so glad you took it out for one last ride. What perfect timing! And a perfect day for it!! :)

Congrats on the sale!!

Michelle said...

Congratulations, but I know you must all be a bit sad. What a wonderful day for one last ride!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Sounds like a perfect last ride!

Jennifer Juniper said...

It looks like a fun day - but you're right I don't remember ever boating with fall leaves!