Friday, October 8, 2010

Super Seven

Today my baby...I mean big boy....turns 7.

He is all things active, daring, Dangerous!

He's stronger than any little boys ever should be...I swear he was born with a 6 pack stomach!

He is and always will be a daddy's boy.

Firemen..Paramedic...Construction....he's all there (notice the flag fire tatts?)

I love this picture....cracks me up how he's trying to push up his little arm muscles! As usual, just like his dad....I have a very similar basketball pic of Jim in high school doing the same thing! Oh Dear!

Riley you are my heart and my headache all in one....I love you more than words can say! One day you will do great things, especially if you keep your determined attitude and don't back down when people say you can't do something!

Grandma, Crystal and us went to Chili's for a birthday lunch...daddy's on shift today, but will make it home in time to make the birthday pizzas!IMG01449.jpg

The waitress asked if he'd like a free brownie sunday. Can you guess what he answered?!?


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I'm glad you went out for lunch and he got the birthday treat. :)

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Riley! What a cutie!

You are a recipient of the Sunshine Award. Please read about it on my blog entry for today.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Many happy returns--he looks like ALL boy!