Friday, October 8, 2010

Fatty Boombalatty Fridays

So the fatty total for the week (tuesday's included) was.........

5.2 lbs!

Walked with the boys this week a ton--it's too nice out not to! Lots of time spent at the park. Yesterday, Jim was able to go with...the boys usually run the blocks and then wait for Corey and I before they can cross. I figured this would be a perfect way for Jim to dip his toe back into running...except he did a Forrest Gump and KEPT ON RUNNING! Riley stopped, looked back and yelled - Dad didn't stop and look! After that it was a free for all trying to catch up with him ;) We ended up meeting him at the park because he kept right on going for his mile running, then walked with us back after the park....not bad considering a few weeks ago he could barely make it down the stairs!

We've also had about a million different things go wrong with our vehicles the past 2 much so, that we were really questioning if we were even supposed to be trying for NM. It was pretty frustrating for me, everything I read and prayed about led me back to God telling me to trust in him, to knock and ask and receive....but it seemed that I was missing something because things kept right on crumbling. Last night was my breaking point. We had one vehicle limping along and it just went...not dead on the side of the road, but not something I'm willing to drive around either! Jim's truck was parked because of engine issues....His friend Jeremy helped him change a coil (? mechanical terms way over my head to follow!) but then when they got done the coil next to the replaced one was throwing an error. After my car's fiasco, Jim set out on working on the truck...changing spark plugs and switching the coil with another to see what happened.

All the while, I'm sitting in the house stewing...God, are you really there...don't you see?....will you pull us out of this deep deep water? I begged for Him to just show me...something...anything! Jim came in later and said-- You're never going to believe what I found in the (thing) for the spark plug! A SCREW---one that we were missing when we put the engine back together the other day!

They have no idea how that silly screw got into the spark plug holder wasn't one they took apart and Jim couldn't get the new one in and that's when he found the screw. I seriously believe this whole deal has been an attack to try and bring us down, doubt God and stop pushing forward....But God came through! He showed me that yes, HE is in this...and He does hear my cries! What a loving Father, Ultimate Provider, who cares for us :)

This weekend is Riley's birthday party....I'm trying to be really good because I'd be so ecstatic if I could loose another 10 lbs by the time we go to NM! Pray for that...still no news yet on the week would be wonderful...time off already scheduled...sigh....But, what did I learn this week?!? God is in control and He does a far better job of it than I do!


jmquilts said...

Yeah on the big loss!! Good job! I wish you could come over and do Jillian's Shred with me.

Keep strong this weekend and remember I wouldn't be eating it. Just serve it and move on.

Lori said...

You go girl! 5.2 - yahoo!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I love it when I notice God at work.
Congrats on the pounds!