Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Life Is A Highway

what a week!

full of emotions, a total roller coaster of excitement, anticipation, nerves...fear...

we left last thursday at the crack of dawn...actually earlier than dawn, but ya know
heading out---5 am!!!
here we are...2 crazy kids heading out on a journey into the unknown!

ironically last sunday was our 12th wedding anniversary (it's been 12 years since we took the plunge into the unknown, fitting that this would be a trip filled with possible new beginnings!)

Jim had worked the day before, so I took the first shift driving. I made it to just past springfield, mo. we ate some lunch at a rest stop and headed on.

no pics of the first day:

1) because I was busy driving (and singing to the satalite radio's hits of the 90's).
2) Jim took over for the last mile of mo, and just past ok city.
3)OK really isn't all that interesting (especially at night!)--you know that saying a chicken in every pot...well there's a cow in every if steers for miles and miles excites you this is your place!

the next morning, again way too early, I noticed these strange soy bean fields that looked like they had frost on some of their leaves. I asked Jim about this, but I was lucky to have gotten him awake enough to get out of the bed and into the he was no help!

once the sun rose more, I was surprised to see the "bean plants" were really cotton! in all of my sheltered-ness, I have never seen a cotton field before---here's my version at 85 mph (lovin the speed limits in ok and tx!)
amarillo cotton field

near amarillo, we saw the worlds largest cross. there's also a restaurant that advertises a free 72 oz steak...could you imagine?!? I don't even buy pot roasts that big!!!
world's biggest cross (texas rt 40)
finally after putting some serious miles on the rental car we saw this:
welcome to NM
(again, going around 85 as we blew into the state...not to bad considering it was with a cruddy camera phone!)

so far, its been a good trip, a strange trip, and a love of this area keeps growing and growing!


Michelle said...

We were in Amarillo about 6 years ago. We didn't see the big cross, but I have seen pictures. Our friend from Amarillo said his friend made that cross. We did see the steak house with the world's biggest steak, and we went there, but we didn't even try. There were some that did. You not only have to eat the steak, you have to eat the dinner rolls, and all the other fixins', plus your drink. Not many get the job done, but there is a board saying who did. Ironically, one guy, who weighed only 121 pounds managed to get the job done.

Love your pictures. Enjoy your time in NM. We are all so glad to hear from you. Isn't the internet, and cellphones wonderful?

shelly said...

Oh MAN! I couldn't even imagine!!! Urp!

Lori said...

Lovin' the pictures. I just saw my first cotton field 5 years ago and got help a tiny bit with some of the harvest until the hydraulic line blew. It pays to stop and ask how they harvest it. They let you run machines!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

All that open empty sky! Wow.

Kristi said...

We love our Texas cotton. I'm so glad you got to catch a quick glimpse.