Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Quickie Before We Hit The Road!

Thank You, Thank You for all of the prayers and well wishes!

This past week has been Amazing!

Jim's friends were wonderful and I know that we will have "family" down here too! (how crazy to stay in a house for a week with people I've never met before!!! But, Guy and Mel are wonderful, generous hosts and I love them dearly!)

white sands nat monument
(us at white sands national monument)

So...Jim had his huge physical test this that we were seriously worried about....the pneumonia incident really sucked his strength....would he even be able to pass this super hard course?!?....did we waste all of this time and energy coming down here just to be disappointed?!? what? This morning we spent the entire time in prayer, Jim got an awesome word during his Bible Study and I kept getting led back to David and Goliath...the Lord was with us and we were going to be ok!



His interview will be in a couple of weeks :)

I'm extatic!

All right, well, we're off! Nothing like a 24 hr. drive to bring you back down to the normal world! (and I still have so much more to tell you!)

Thanks again my lovelies for praying! God is so Good!


jmquilts said...

Yahooooo!!! Tears of joy!

So thankful He gave strength and stamina!

See you soon! :)

Michelle said...

Tears of happiness for you both, and for God being his ever so faithful loving self. Glory to God in the Highest!!
Safe travels my friends,

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Praise God!