Thursday, June 30, 2011

Paint, Heat and God's Loving Patience!

How's that for totally random titles?!?

Sorry the old brain is too far gone for whit and satire...although, I could use a good if you have one...I'll take it!

On a whim I decided that we Had to Have these tiered trays for the cookie stand!

So...I sent Jim out for some spray paint on his way home fun fun in the Northern Illinois Sun!

SssshhhYeah Right!   

Can I say it's stinkin' HOT out?!?

And, with the boys in VBS in the evening it's been impossible to sneak over to my parents' pool! least the boys will enjoy it while we're selling cookies most of the weekend ;)

Yesterday was such a dumpy bummer!   I finally got some quiet time (why don't I just put the breaks on things as soon as they head south and take some time out?!?).   Duh!

I've been reading this book that Jamie got me for my birthday....the chapter yesterday?  The Unseen Battle....especially once you get on satan's radar.....UH Hellooooo?  Makes sense once I stepped back from the situation.   Again...Double Duh!

Then I started doing my Bible reading for the day (and yes, with everything going on, I've really neglected reading my chapters everyday.....but, I Really needed this chapter at that moment so I guess it all worked out!)    

Yesterday's first chapter was 1 Sam. 14.   Jonathan and his armor bearer decided to go across to a Philistine hopes that God would work with them.   Everyone else was just taking it easy, sitting around weaponless and not knowing what to do.

I love how the Message says it:

There's no rule that says God can only deliver us using a big army.   No one can stop God from saving once he sets his mind to it.

God delivered that outpost into Jonathan's hands...and that small battle set off a chain reaction that delivered the entire army into Israel's hands...two guys, one with a sword...

Plus One Very Big God!

So, I may be feeling a smidge overwhelmed and slightly frantic....but when God sets his mind on something and puts it on our hearts, we Can Do It!   Everything will work out for this weekend....we will raise funds beyond our imagination to help Hackleburg and God will be glorified through it!

3 boys, 1,000 cookies and endless needs to be met....but God is so much bigger than any situation we will ever come up against (and I am so very thankful for that!!!!!!!)


Michelle said...

Our God is an AWESOME God!

Jules said...

Cool tiered stands you'll have! Sorry for the hard days. ((hugs)) <-- cyber ones since it is so very hot! ;)