Sunday, June 29, 2008

Back To Reality

Well, we have descended through the "Cheddar Curtain"....back to life as normal! Jamie's foot is much better..thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers!
My surprise weekend ended up being in Madison! Jim was able to get a $150 dollar room at the Sheraton for $70 through Price Line..bonus..the less he spent on the room the more he spent on me!!! (heeeheehee) The picture above is of the Capitol Building at night....the view from the lake was absolutely astonishing, but I couldn't get a good snap while driving down the John Nolan!

We ended up not getting there until pretty late, with all of the bug bite commotion. Still hadn't eaten so we decided to head down to the square. Found The Great Dane and LOVED it! I had a Dane burger (hamburger with artichoke dip....YUMALICIOUS!!!!) and Jim stayed safe with a bacon burger. Went straight back to the hotel because I was informed that we were getting up early (and I mean early) to go to Dane Counties' Farmer's Market! (yes ladies, Jim really has been listening to some of the things I mention that I'd like to do!!!!) After parking we walked past a little coffe shop called Bradbury..window said like we should get breakfast! That is a Door County Cherry crepe and a latte with.....hold your breath.....latte art...HEAVEN!!! Wanted a repeat this morning, but they were you hear a road trip comming on?!?

After the farmer's market we went to The Terrace and had lunch while watching the boats and wind surfers! I wanted to get a picture of us with our feet in the lake, but Jim wasn't into that...good thing because later we found out that the beaches had been closed due to a sewage leak caused by a car accident!!!!

This weekend was really amazing...I had so much fun just walking around, eating at really cool places, trying new beers (Jim's new favorite is The Dane's Crop Circle Wheat and mine is a Belgian named after some saint that I can't remember!)! Jim went totally out of his comfort zone, tried things and guess what...I know he had fun!!! So, we're relaxed and refreshed...back to the chaios!

Thanks Kathy for all of the awesome recommendations...brunch was wonderful at The Old Fashioned!

Thank you so much Jim for the wonderful Birthday getaway!

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Nancy said...

I guess I haven't been here for a while!
happy belated:)

and wow- I can't believe how much that fallen angel is treating our families alike these days.

Sounds like you had a great time anyway. Thanks for posting the recipes- I will have to try the mango thing- Raymond would love it.