Friday, June 27, 2008

Opposition Vs. Weekend Getaway

This weekend Jim is supposed to be taking me away for a little surprise R 'n R. He's done all of the reservations and planning by himself...a first! But of course this week has been TERRIBLE!!!!

It never fails that when God wants to bless us, "someone" else has other ideas! It started out on Monday: got a phone call from Jim "I think I need to go to the ER"....great. He was doing a kitchen remodel when a wire embedded in plaster fell on him and cut his wrist. Ended up that he could just use some of that liquid bandage stuff and it was fine (whew...on to the next). Monday night: on the way home from my parents' Jim ran over a huge nail and blew out his tire...lovely. Tuesday: found out that a family friend had suddenly passed away (please pray for them, they have a daughter a little older then Jamie...couldn't even imagine what they are going through.). Thursday: my vehicle's check engine light started flashing....perfect (luckily a friend was able to figure it out for FREE!)

Thursday night, after going to the visitation of our friend and getting the car fixed, my mom said that Jamie had a bad bug bite on his ankle and ear. His poor ear lobe is soooo swollen that it won't lay down flat! His ankle was the worst. We gave him Benadryl when we got home and I drew a line around the red area. By 4 am it was about 2 inches bigger then the line. After 4 doses of Benadryl it is still not getting better....wonderful!!! Make a trip to the immediate care: staph infection....even better!

Please pray that things will go well for him while he's at my in laws. He is on a huge antibiotic (hasn't had one since he was less then a year old!~~~expecting stomach problems!). The dr. said it would probably get worse before it got better, but to keep an eye on it and to call if it got a lot redder or he started to run a fever.

We are going to try to have fun, but I'm sure I'll be making a lot of phone calls back home to make sure things are good.


Carrie said...

I didn't know that Anna said he had a staph infection?

shelly said... huh? She was worried about how far away we would be for the weekend...everything is much better now.