Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bathroom Inspiration

All of these images are from BHG

Oh, what I wouldn't give to have a tub like that!!!!! Jim could make that vanity without much problem...I don't know if I'd use real beadboard or the wallpaper (depends on what is the cheapest)

But then again, I really like the rustic look of this vanity....I could probably whip this out (especially with a plan from Knock Off Wood!)

We have a really awkward area where the medicine cabinet is. I really want to get rid of that cabinet, but the light switch and an outlet is right there....maybe a long mirror like the one below would work better. In another picture they had the mirror not just centered over the sink, but along the length of the wall above both the vanity and the toilet.

This wouldn't necessarily fit in the decor, but I love it's bright colors.

I like this built in....we have a closet without the door right now because of little boys who "picked" off the wooden slats....this would mean we'd never have to worry about wooden slats!


Jennifer Juniper said...

I love them all, especially the colorful mosaic around the mirror. Did you know I would pick that one :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Our bathroom taste is very similar! Ours is all white with walls painted a pale pale blue--it's like being in a cloud.

shelly said...

Thank you ladies! I really do love the mosaic...just not sure it would fit in with the bead board....I've been debating on the tan color or maybe a tiffany blue. Now all that I have to do is find a super cheap bathtub and I'm good to go!