Thursday, January 28, 2010

Here Comes the Meat Wagon

Today is my Love's birthday!

Tommy Boy is hands down his favorite movie....the crazy thing is that whenever we go away for a little weekend trip, this movie is ALWAYS playing on a cable channel!

Happy Birthday Babe....hope you enjoy the meat wagon scene!


Jennifer Juniper said...

This is a great movie! And that scene cracks me up!

Thanks for the soup recipe. It's 6 degrees here and that looks fantastic!

shelly said...

Is it crazy that we still repeat high school and collage movies?!? We do it all the time, but I can't remember any current movie that we quote...ever! Newer movies just aren't as good, or are we too old now to get it? ;)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

We adore this movie--and quote it all the time!
Many happy returns to your Love!