Saturday, January 23, 2010


When Jamie was little (I can't remember if he was 4 or 5)...he found some kittens in the hull of our old boat. Jim was working on the prop or something and J was playing in the boat. He kept sneaking into the hull with all the life jackets...Jim would get after him, but he kept going back. Finally Jim asked him what he was doing. "Playing with Kittens.", as he came out with his arms full of kitties. Needless to say, the mom never came back. By the time I had gotten home that night, Jamie had named them all. Jim thought it would be best to leave them outside. This upset Jamie...Jim told him that God would take care of them. "But he already did...He let meeee find them!". What do you say to that?!?

We ended up bottle feeding 5 little kittens and found all of them homes...all except one...Snickers. We personally are not cat people. We have dogs, big dogs. But, the boys adored Snickers (aka Mickers). They carried that poor cat around from the time they woke up till they went to bed! Its a wonder that he ever walked! The following Christmas we discovered that Snickers had been spraying our real Christmas tree...ruined the carpet and that was all she wrote! We decided it was best that Snickers go and live at Jim's parents' house...sprawling farm, the boys could come visit their precious kitty. He met us at the garage whenever we visited!

This morning, Jim's dad called. Snickers had died in the middle of the night. This is the first animal that the boys loved that passed away. So, we have a very sad bunch of boys right now. Jamie has such a tender heart...he's taking it the worst. Lots of hugs and snuggles, but what else can a mom do? It stinks big time...I know it will get better, just hard to see your kids broken hearted.

If you have any suggestions, they'd be much appreciated.

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