Thursday, January 21, 2010

I LOVE Weekends!

Sometimes, momma just needs a break, ya know?

Last Friday I was able to return some library books, get the new one I was after....and go to my favorite little cafe for a coffee! I started reading A Long Way Gone, Memoirs of a Child Soldier on Friday and finished it Sunday. It was heartbreaking and I still don't feel like I have words to do it justice, but everyone should read this book!
I LOVE latte art! (thank you Lauren!) I've tried my hand at it, but the only thing I can come close to is it looking like a bloppy poo :(
Later that afternoon I got to finally get together for lunch with my bestie Amber....and of course do some thrifting (but more on that in a later post).
Jim and his partner at work decided we needed to head into Chicago's boat show on Saturday. Beth and Jeremy are our boating buddies so I said sure....but we get to pit stop at ikea. (well, we ran out of time....but under penalty of death, Jim WILL be taking me back to ikea very soon!)
It's dangerous taking me on an all day trip with such a cutie pie baby...only makes me want a little girl all the more! This little boat moved, talked and it's eyes rolled (there was a total cheese ball guy behind us with a mic and a radio control). Baby A's expression pretty much sums it up....Ohhhh Boy!

There must have been fine print on the bottom of the tickets cause EVERY guy in the entire arena had on the same thing..Jeans and a Black Shirt....too funny! Must be the Boat Geek Club's official uniform :) This it pretty much how I saw my hubby the entire day~ arms over a boat and drooling! The boat in the picture was both of our favorites. But unless someone gifts him with 30k, he'll have to keep on drooling!


Jennifer Juniper said...

Ha, love the uniforms! Baby girls get me going too :)

shelly said...

No doubt with the baby---crazy thing is that they all dress the same for work too ;)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Happy weekend! I hope you get lots of free time to enjoy and relax!