Sunday, January 17, 2010


Today, everything is enveloped in a thick fog....anything that was still last night holds a thick frost.

Fog is an outward expression of an unseen battle between winter's icy grip and a warm sun. The frost is a last ditch effort to keep everything under a frozen glaze.

It amazes me how often nature presents the perfect comparison to my heart. I've felt disconnected lately, foggy...not able to wrap my brain around anything or adequately express the turmoil raging inside. Just like the weather, there is a battle for me between this cold world and a Son whose warmth I can only imagine. Dense thick air clouds my vision and makes me feel alone....despair creeps in, shadows lurk. But, the Son is out there. He is so near that the battle wages fierce causing steam to cloud the view. The strangle hold is loosening, winter can't fight forever. One day soon, the clouds will lift. The path made clear and the Son shines bright over me.

I long for that day, but until then I will take hope in the fact that I am not alone....I am always being held in His hands~stretching, molding, shaping me into a vessel for HIS perfect plan.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That is a beautiful picture and post. I love the filmy white frost winter fog leaves behind. So pretty this morning.