Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Listening To Smiles

I'm laying upstairs, soaking in the moment:
No fighting, crying, or pushing...just 3 boys and a Daddy laying on the couch watching an old Scooby Doo dvd (all are giggling, all are happy).

The boys got in some super big trouble this morning...EaRlY this morning! A dog barked to be let out in the wee hours, only for Jim to discover that the garage door had been left open all night. (the boys must have snuck in the side door while playing yesterday). Not a huge travesty right? Nothing got swiped....BUT...we had garbage in the garage waiting for pick up day....and our town has a bazillion ferrel cats...getting the picture?!?
Jim came upstairs in a huff, throwing on more substantial clothes than flannel pants and an old t-shirt....mumble, grumble, stomp. When he explained what happened, I told him to wake their little tushies up (of course I said tushies...what kind of a mom do you think I am?!? Ha!) and make them help clean it up. Nothing like picking up a weeks worth of stinky garbage to bring home a point! (It also helps that even though it is supposed to warm up, its still pretty cold!)

So anyway, they all trecked outside...picked up the mess...washed up...and are all snuggled together on the couch like nothing bad happened. (Why oh why does this never happen to me?!?). I guess that I should be over joyed that I get a nice quiet morning! Who knew cats in garbage could bring such blessings :)


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I bet they never make that mistake again! I always gasp when I see our garage door open all night--I fear a skunk or raccoon will make itself at home!

Jennifer Juniper said...

We have a neighbor who feeds all the feral cats in our 'hood. It creates a problem...

shelly said...

Wow! We have the same neighbor! Ours goes though a 50lb bag of food a week...their house is the kitchen and our front yard is the bathroom...super gross!