Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Couldn't Leave Well Enough Alone

Last weekend, we had a birthday party for Jim...when I should have been cleaning, I was working on little projects...well..they were taking up valuable space, so I was technically cleaning...Right?!?

Here's last week's chalkboard~After a trip to Michael's and finding the COOLEST scrapbook paper Ever (sorry forgot to take a pic of that!), I decided the white had to go!

Hit the Home Depot before leaving town and they were sweet enough to color match me a sample size (seriously, I never knew you could do that! I knew you could pick it up in their paint colors, but not custom...SaaaWeeeet!)Ok, so it's cool..but not quite there yet. (and while perusing the paint counter I totally scored a little can of super bright green for a whopping 66 cents!!!)So, I tried again to wash a color on....ehhh, not so much! The right side is the washed version, the top is where I decided to paint the whole thing green and then dry brush on the blue.

LOVE IT!(terrible picture, but I can't remember the last time we had a decent sun shining through our windows!)

Well, that led to cleaning out my built in shelves...yes, this is the "clean" version! The recycle truck is gonna love me this afternoon!I'm thinking about making some bins out of duck cloth and cardboard boxes to store the schooling stuff.

I also had the hubbster finally hang the states chalkboard from forever ago! We've been propping it up on chairs or against the armoire...so much better actually on a wall!
We ended up cleaning the house in a mad dash....but I like my dining room so much better now! I'm really thinking about doing this to my other wall...not exactly normal adult space decor, but it's also our school room so I'd like to keep it funky and upbeat!



Courtney Walsh said...

Super cute chalkboard, Shelly! I am so unmotivated right now in the house. ugh. I need to overhaul so many different areas!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Great work! Don't you love organized shelves? I just did a closet last week and I'm still opening the door to admire my work!