Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Quick and Easy

My Grandma's birthday party was on Sunday. I had made her one of my heart wreaths, but I decided on Sunday morning that she needed something that she could hang up now too!

These are popping up all over the place and are super easy! (especially if your hub does construction and has loads of scrap wood in the garage!)

Here's your cast of characters...except for the minwax, I decided to use a wash on the bare wood instead of stain.
Mod Podge your paper on to whatever areas you want...I only did the sides. You don't have to be super exact (except when you use stripped paper...ugh!) because you'll sand the edges to make it look worn.
Stain or paint the top and bottom...drill holes for the copper wire to stand in....and...

there you have it....super quick project for Grandma! (sorry, I knew she had tons of extra pictures at home, so I didn't fill the holders!)

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That is so clever. I am partial to things made with wires.