Monday, February 22, 2010

is it with a "t" or a "d"

(I have tons of posts with pictures to do, but flikr is being a booger so I'll try again tomorrow!)

This morning I decided to get a little ambitious and start my bible study reading (a week ahead of time!). We are going through a study called Resting In Him. So this chapter was on contentment...well, kind of...that section was the big V8 slap to my forehead ;)

This whole job search deal for Jim seriously stresses me out, I worry, I analyze All the time. I want to move ahead and be done with this season of our lives...I am sooooo done with it! I focus on planning; if he gets this job, in this town, we could do this, or if its this town we'd do this...but what if he gets a job right away and then I'm stuck dealing with all these details here by myself. I'm drowning in a sea of IFs.

Anyway, back to the study- I grabbed my dictionary (thanks Sue for that tip!).

contentment: ease of mind

Ok, sounds good to me because my mind has been nothing of the sort!

Now it gets hairy---

contenT: (v) satisfy

Still sounds good right? I sure could use a little more being satisfied and ease of mind!

BUT, if you glance one word prepared for the V8 slap!

contenD: (v)strive against rivals or difficulties, argue, maintain or claim

I've been doing a lot of striving against difficulties, arguing AND maintaining...especially maintaining control over situations.

Life isn't about control...peace and ease of mind are found when we relinquish control...when we let go, trust in God to take care of us even when we can't see.

Matthew 6:26 Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than them?

It amazes me how patient God is to keep showing me things--if I were my child, I seriously would exasperate myself! Yesterday's sermon was on Honoring God. One thing in particular hit home: God knows our needs and has already provided what we need before we even know that we needed it! Its our ram in the bush. Somewhere, in God's perfect timing our ram will be there waiting for us...the hard part is trusting. But, faith grows the more it is stretched so here we go!


Jennifer Juniper said...

Keep plugging away, you are doing the best you can - "t" or "d" :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That sounds like a terrific study. It's so hard to be content when you're not satisfied with circumstances, isn't it? And to find the balance between acting and owning...letting God handle but still being a vessel for change and action.

shelly said...

It IS very hard to balance acting and owning!!! Ugh---I'm not very good at it at all!

We just do what we can and wait! Our pastor posted on fb today "what's the point of faith if we don't have needs?". I guess I just get too impatient and want everything Now! Geesh---where do my kids get That from!