Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Few More Paintings

This was my second attempt at mixed media:

It's ok...turned out a bit more "country" than I wanted....was going for more of a bohemian thing, but it is what it is!
I've never drawn or painted people before, not too bad I guess! I also think that I like adding elements to my paintings, not covering the entire thing with the paper....we'll see, art is a learning process right? :)
I love these birds! I still have to paint the verse around the sides, but I wanted to show you what I worked on for my girls weekend!
(and no, my walls are not weird because every one of those pics were taken in the same spot, within seconds of each other!)


Jessica said...

love these! Such a creative, unique talent.

Shelley said...

Hey! I am Shelley from and I saw your entry for the silhouette (good luck BTW), and then I saw your email. I am 'Shelley Coates' too. There are two of us! :) Ha! I just had to comment! I've never met another 'Me'! ;)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You're getting the hang of it;) Get it? HANG because they're pictures? Yes, I am a punny girl.

shelly said...

Ugh! Where did my bird pic go?!? Flickr you're getting on my last nerve!

Shelley, you must be an awesome person to have such a great name..hehehe!

Green Girl, I was raised in a punny cracked me up! (Its a gift, not everyone can be so witty!)