Wednesday, February 10, 2010

L.Y.B.O. Wednesday

Corey and Riley decided to put on a show last weekend while all the fam was in town. Corey's singing "I like to Move it Move it". They are both shakin that booty like crazy (surprisingly in sync with each other!) After the whole move it, move it part, they'd jump around so they were facing everyone, put a hand up in the air and yell "We like to ....Move IT" (this was the part that they instructed everyone else to chime in on!) I would have taken more pics, but I was laughing to hard...just another day in the life!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I bet they looked AWESOME shaking that booty!

Jennifer Juniper said...

We just watched that movie today and all sang along to that song!

shelly said...

Its an addiction at our house! You'd think that Jim and I danced all over the house!