Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Laughs and Crafts

*warning---Long post about some super awesome ladies!*Here's my table, all packed and ready to go! (do you think I have enough junk for one day?!?)
Friday night, we all gathered at Lori's for a chick flick night (with pizza and tons of food!) Most of us worked on some projects, I had a new wreath (details soon to come), Joyce was finishing up a t-shirt quilt, Stephanie was working on projects for Kidzlink and Lori was photoshopping away! Lots was accomplished in between fits of laughter from watching The Proposal ;)
Ami, Lucinda and Becky were great sports for our interruptions in the movie!
There were three of us who decided to stay the night...I can't tell you enough about how much Lori did to make our stay so cool! It was just like a B&B, but much better!
Here's the room I stayed in...the picture is terrible, absolutely no sun on Saturday! The room was filled with old pictures of their relatives, barn board shelves, old canes....beautiful!
I am sooo saving my old window for this project!
Saturday morning arrived way too soon! (I'm definitely not used to sleeping with cats in the jumped on my bed early Sat. morning and about gave me a heart attack!) Lori really put out the spread for us all...egg casseroles, fruit salad, coffee cakes...real honest to goodness coffee creamers! I seriously didn't want to leave....felt just like my kids, "but I don't want to GO!!!!"
We had plenty on our lists so we got straight to work! First project was necklaces that we punched saying funny that we all had the same supplies, yet each one was very unique! (this is Ami making a necklace that had her and her hubby's name on the outer ring and then Love on the inner disc)
Yes, we invaded Lori's husband's man cave! (good thing he was on a mission trip!) His work bench came in very handy....and so did his drill press! Great job Lori figuring that beast out!!!

I wish I could have gotten a picture of everyone struggling with the pearls and jump rings, but I was banished to the garage to help line up letters!
Here's Amy and Stephanie eagerly awaiting lunch...which Lori made and was excellent of course!Oh the concentration!
Sue did the cutest black and red she is lining up her letters. ...and getting ready to outline!
Really..we did have fun.....but oh, the seriousness when everyone painted over their beautifully scrapped paper!
Well, except for one! Joyce had this very pink thing going which she added "pepto" paint.....and then I lost it when she squirted this brown "baby's diaper" color..... but look....
It actually turned out great! Can't wait to see what she ends up embellishing it with---transfers of old dress forms, buttons, and leftover zippers were mentioned!
I'll post my canvas later, I'm sure you're sick of hearing about my FANTABULOUS weekend!
Thanks again, Lori for being such an awesome hostess! And to all of the other lovely ladies who made it such a blast!
(check out Lori and Joyce's blogs...they have much better pictures!)


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What a treat for you! Sounds like such fun--and so reviving.

Courtney Walsh said...

I still don't get the letters on the canvas (show me??) but this looks amazing! I am jealous, jealous! :)

shelly said...

Courtney--- I can show you on Monday ;). I still am struggling with the whole mixed media thing so we'll talk!

Jennifer Juniper said...

How fun! I feel like I was there :)