Monday, March 8, 2010

Boy Have Things Changed!

What will they think of next?!? My dear friend Amber is quickly approaching her due bring into the world a wonderful little baby girl! Anyway, enough gushing! She asked if I could make her a nursing cover. (I said "what, we just used blankets....worked good enough and didn't cost upwards of $30!) They have lots of different names, but I came up with one we're quite fond of....tata tents ;) Soooo 6th grade boyish, but funny just the same!

So, I obliged her request:

It's reversible, and has D rings in the neck strap to adjust as needed. The best part is the boning (basically it's like the stuff in an underwire if anyone is sewing challenged like me!)....who knew!

It makes this awesome little arch so that you can see what you're doing while no one else can! Ok, so this would have been super helpful back in the day when lactation was the only thing in life I was good for ;)

I got the general pattern from Make It and Love It.

She used lots of stripes, but ehh..not so much for me...hopefully Amber will like this one plain! Basically, I got 2 coordinating fabrics, 1 1/8 yards each, a 14in piece of boning and a couple of D rings. I cut a 2 in strip off of each fabric for the neck strap and then used the remaining for the "apron". The rest of the directions at Make it and Love it are wonderful....very finished and doesn't look homemade at all....well....if I were better at sewing straight!(Jim says I'm nuts and that I'm too picky! But hey, it's for someone else!!!)

If you know anyone whose gonna be birthing soon and need a quick gift, these ROCK! I have tons of other projects in the works, but unfortunately...Amber reads this so I have to save them until after the shower! (you know I love you hun if I'm holding back some easy posts for ya!)


Jennifer Juniper said...

They didn't have such things when I was nursing my babies. Yours turned out great!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Thanks for your advice. Can you see why I'm frustrated?

The problem with him passing the pre-test is that the spelling words are hidden within a large paragraph and misspelled to the point that he has trouble recognizing what word they are supposed to be.

He is timed and has to find all 20 words and write them correctly on another sheet of paper. Time always runs out before he is finished. So frustrating! Grrrr!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What a clever idea! I adore the fabric you used.

Jessica said...

turned out great! That's for the link to the tuturial. I may have to try a few also. I've never worked with boning. It always seemed intimidating.