Monday, March 1, 2010

Three Wild and Crazy Guys


I'm linking to Kimba's DIY Day and Hope Studios! (Whoot Whoot Jennifer Juniper!!!)

The other day, while scouring the web for cool ideas, I came across this t-shirt made by Running With Scissors....too cute! The woman is AWESOME with freezer paper...I can only hope to one day sew the cool stuff she dreams up!

So, I said to myself...Self, that would be fun to try with pics of the boys on canvas!

Step 1: take pictures of very annoyed boys still in pj's and not in the mood to pose for the momma!

(yes, cereal box..and bowls...still on the table! Notice the cough medicine? We had a sicky in the house who thought he was going to die because our boys are never sick)

He looks really sick right?

Ok, that torture is done...for now!

Step 2: upload pics to picnic or photoshop or whatever you use. Picnic has a setting called posterize...its a premium setting and I'm cheap so I just messed with the contrast until I got what I wanted---

Step 3: print pic out on regular computer paper, rub chalk on the backside of the picture, tape to your canvas

Step 4: Trace with a pen around the super dark areas of the photo.

Step 5: simply paint in the lines...and there ya go----

(yes, I heard it from my, you made your own little Avitar kids...hahaha pops!)

Add a saying or something to fill in the space (or be smart and do it on an 8x10, but this is what I had so I made it work!)

Yeah, this pretty much sums up everyday life in this house!


michelle@somedaycrafts said...

Great job!

Jessica said...

looks so great! What a great ideas to transfer onto the canvas. I love how much personality each boy had in their shot. This is such a great idea on the canvas.

Thanks for the shout out, although I think you were too nice about my blog, I appreciate it!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Those candid shots have SO much more personality than a staged shot! Very cool idea:)

shelly said...

Thank You ladies!

Jessica, don't sell yourself short! (You have no idea all the things I've bookmarked on your page!!!)

Green Girl, personality is definitely NOT in short supply with these boys! its funny but those random pics really are how I see them...what a bunch of goofs!

Jennifer Juniper said...

love this sort of personalization! You rock, but you know I love you :)

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Completely adorable! I love it, even the colors you chose to use. I have three boys (7, 5 and 2) and I'd love to try this, too! Great job.

Anonymous said...

How very very cool! You rock!!

Courtney Walsh said...

ok. NOW I think I maybe understand the transfer thing!! I am gonna have to try it! :)

janet said...

Great idea! You are so right...there is no place like the Empty Nest ;-)

your friend,
The Empty Nest

Joy Beadworks said...

Terrific Idea!