Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy Mail!

The other day I got the Best email! One of Green Girl's boys had drew my name in a giveaway for a book of poetry (Coffeehouse Meditations by Nina Romano) and a Starbucks gift card!!!!

Today I stopped by the old P.O. and what was waiting for me.....the sweetest card (Melissa, if you made it...WOW! Too cute!) and a big ol' package containing a book....and bubble wrap (art bonus!).

I was on my way to the next metropolis (country living is quickly loosing its charm...I want stuff...near me...not 50 min away!) to get some paints and such for a project a friend just commissioned. I stopped by the 'rents house to print off a Michael's coupon and my mom offered to keep the boys =) Perfect!

After Michael's, I crossed the parking lot to Starbucks and got myself a treat for both my mouth and my mind! What an awesome book...and sorry to Nina for chopping off the title of the book!!! (crappy phone camera!)

Little did Green Girl know, but I Love coffee...seriously....I'm a coffee snob! Once upon a time I managed our church coffee shop (yes, we have a full blown cafe in our's awesome to sit and relax in leather chairs, have a meeting or just hang with friends!). Reading these wonderful selections really made me miss all of the steaming and frothing! There is something so calming about steaming a container of milk....ahhhhh. One prose in particular talked about double espresso and turning green while on the family boat----you and me both! Motion sickness and ski boats are such a great combo....but I'll take a double shot with a bit of whip cream any day! (one of my absolutely favorites is a shot of espresso poured over a piece of dark chocolate...heaven!) I really need to talk Jim into letting me install a real machine in our house...but that's another post and a total Lucy look!

Thank you again Melissa...I've only read the first section, but I'm loving it!


jmquilts said...

Whoa!! What a way cool gift for you!! :) Congratulations!!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I'm so pleased you like your gift! My BFF Sarah made the card--she has amazing skills and keeps me supplied with stationery.
I had no idea you were a coffee snob--what a PERFECT person to win!

shelly said...

Coffee snob, beer snob...holla New Glaurus Raspberry Tart beer!!! Really I'm not a snob, just particular...its like eating McDonalds vs a 5 star restaurant!

Nina Romano said...

Of course, I adore Green Girl, and even more for her giveaway. Hope you enjoy reading my poems--
please let me hear from you concerning my new collection, Coffeehouse Meditations.

Obviously I'm addicted to the brew myself!

When our writing group meets at the end of May,I'll supply Green Girl with a coffee mug with the cover of the book on it for another give-away.

Thanks for putting the book cover on your blog!The artist is Steve Stento.

shelly said...

WOW! Nina, your poems are beautiful, real and heartfelt!!! I was completely lost in the book for over an hour....Love the cover (my ideal happy place!). It was a much needed r'nr from life with 3 little boys :)

laurenwrites said...

Its great to see Nina's poems being enjoyed by new readers. She's been one of my favorite poems ever since I read her first collection, Cooking Lessons.

Marni said...

Isn't that a great book? And it sounds like it went to the perfect person! We love Nina's poetry over at Screw Iowa (; she's our poetry maven!