Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Dance

Things that made me happy today:

Riley in the backseat, sooo early in the morning because we had to drop off dad at work....I think the sun was in his eyes so he put on goggles! (I have no idea where he found them, but it must have worked!)
I went to the post office to day and found a bright yellow note-----yippey!

I had won the giveaway over at Hope Studio's Tuesday Tutorials! SaWEET!
Jennifer, I LoVe it! Can't wait to get home and find a picture for it! It's going to look so awesome on top of the armoire :) :) :)

After this weekend, I'll be able to show you what all else I've been working on....Amber's shower is Saturday...let's just say I might have gone slightly over board.....making stuff for girls is SO much Fun!!! (pray that I'll have better luck tonight, because I spent more time ripping out than sewing today!)


shelly said...

Jennifer--I am sooo sorry---im such a boob!!! Totally forgot to say THANK You in my post! (That's what I get for trying to squeeze 2 blog posts into a 10 min window!)...anyway, thank you thank you, thank you! Its awesome...now I need to hunt down my wedding album! (Can you believe I've never hung up one of our wedding pics?!?)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ooooh, that is a COOL thing to win!
Just bought team testosterone new goggles--they look like your guy--wearing them all the time!