Friday, May 13, 2011

Babies and Books

Babies?!?  Say What????  

Well, the other day I found a perfect new addition to our family on craigslist....a Canon Rebel :)
I've been looking half heartedly for awhile, just never found "the one"....on Tuesday the perfect deal came up and she lived only a couple of towns away!  Super!

Yesterday (while the sun shone for about 2 seconds) I took the boys outside to "play"!

We got a total of 3 serious pictures....then it went all down hill....Hey Mom, take a picture of me!  Hey this!  HEY MOM!

(I love how this pic has them all at a different angle! goofy....I know!)

Do you see the teeny tiny person in the yard behind us?  look at the top of the slide in between the two fence posts....Lord knows what he was thinking...probably "get those noisey kids in school"  but whatev!   

Mr. Corey has been on a reading kick lately!   Finally things have started to click with him and words :)   All Day long....Curious George....Dr. Suess....Iron Man....Tornadoes....Newspapers....anything written on a box....Really...I am So Excited!   The other day he was reading me a story and I fell asleep!  (I woke up to no Corey so I guess he gave up on his wonderful mother)

Speaking of lovely talented friend Courtney is giving away a gluten free cupcake cookbook!   Go Check it out!!!  They look Delish and she interviews the author, Elana neat!

Have a great's Pec Things again, so I'll be hanging out there scouting out some cool ideas!

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Lori said...

Congratulations on your new addition! and this one won't keep you up at night. :)