Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just Messin Around

I feel like the boys---got a new toy, now I've got to see what it can do!

These are just a couple of pics using an effect that I liked from picnik.   Doesn't work with every "amazing" picture that I take, but these were kind of interesting ;)

This was the morning of Jamie's birthday..they were all so know, fighting off the Kraken in Lego Pirates of the Caribbean is tough stuff man!
 I love my window on top of the tv.   I'm trying to be good about changing it up every so often.   I made this wreath from How Does She....word of warning, it takes a bazillion balloons...which aren't as cheap as I thought they'd is cute!  I think we'll start this as a new tradition...a birthday wall!  (this will come down as soon as I figure out what to hang up there next!
 I don't know what it is about this one, but I LOVE it!!!  It's just so very Corey.   Makes me want to go find him and smoosh some kisses on that little face!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You take good pictures when you're messing around!

Debbie said...

Good pictures. You kiss that kid!!!